Clowning for Kidz is about Engaging, Informing, Empowering, and Connecting Kidz (adults too!) to opportunities to help others and improve themselves.

There are many ways that you can get involved and help us in our efforts to Meet the Needs of Children and Change the World One Smile at a time!

Take Our Clown Workshop- The world loves clowns! Take one of our intensive workshops, and upon completion, you can audition to join us as we spread laughter and cheer and volunteer in a fun and unique way.

Volunteer Behind the Scenes- Just like the Wizard of Oz, we need men and women behind the curtain to make things work. From grant writing to xeroxing, we have opportunities for just about everyone to help out so our clowns can focus on empowering people to laugh and smile. If you are interested in helping out behind the scenes, please use our Contact Form, and we will respond as soon as possible.

Sponsor a Fundraiser– When Clowning for Kidz partners with civic-minded businesses and organizations the kids win every time! Organizations that would like to sponsor a fundraiser are encouraged to Contact Us with their ideas.

Make a Donation- The Clowning for Kidz Foundation is 100% volunteer driven, and works diligently to ensure that we do the most good with our resources. Financial and In-Kind donations are how we are able to continue our mission to meet the needs of children. There is no feeling in the world like that of being able to make a difference in the life of a child or children and their sincere appreciation and gratitude because you are giving them a chance to succeed. Be sure to ask your HR Department if they provide matching gifts to charitable donations.

Use Amazon Smile when Making Purchases- If you select Clowning for Kidz Foundation as your charity, .5% of qualifying purchases will be donated back to Clowning for Kidz Foundation. Purchases made via Amazon Smile Are Not Tax Deductible Contributions.

Sponsor a Go Casual for the Kidz Campaign Event At Your Workplace- You pick a day at your workplace where employees can dress down for the day in exchange for a charitable contribution of $5 to Clowning for Kidz. At the end of the day, you present a check for the funds collected to Clowning for Kidz, and we provide you with documentation of your contribution and issue a press release commemorating your support. Be sure to check if your organization matches individual donations! Organizations that would like to participate in our Go Casual Campaign are encouraged to Contact Us for more information. Be sure to ask your HR Department if they provide matching gifts to charitable donations.

Buy a Balloon on our Clown Bus- Your tax-deductible* donation allows us to us to keep our Clown Bus running so we can appear at various community events to share the gift of laughter with children and adults, and support our mission to meet the needs of children. Organizations and individuals that would like to buy a balloon on our Clown Bus are encouraged to Contact Us.